About Us

Our desire is to be the best recreational boating informational website on the planet. In our approach to that desired goal, we plan to be content driven, not advertisement driven. We just want to be the best boating website we can be hands down. A site where you can find quality content and information. Watch us as we grow and please share our site with a friend who boats…

Planetboats.com is headed up by David Ramsey. David has been in the boating industry all his life from an early age. Growing up on the lower Chesapeake Bay afforded him access to water privileges only dreamed of by most people. Some of his accomplishments are listed below:

  1. Grandfather for the Peninsula Children’s Fishing Clinic, Newport News Virginia.
    Event is currently in it’s 22nd year, thanks to Rob Cowling’s hard work and the many volunteers who support his leadership! I was just the idea guy on this, other people did all the hard work respectfully…
  2. Past Executive Board member Coastal Conservation Association.
  3. Assistant Dock Master Salt Ponds Marina / Salt Ponds Yacht Club, Hampton Va. (4 BELLS)
  4. Operations Manager Sunset Yachting Center, Hampton Va. (580 Boats)
    Over saw the build out and renovations to facility.
  5. Hosted Virginia Yacht Show (Largest in water show in Virginia at the time).
  6. Hosted Caribbean 1500 & Bermuda 500, 2 years consecutively at Salt Ponds Marina.
  7. Member of the “Free Spool” Fishing Team.
  8. Installed the navigation system on Alcyone for the Cousteau Society.
  9. Hosted Summer Slam series fishing tournaments Salt Ponds Marina.
  10. Wrote artificial reef proposal to VMRC for new reef in Hampton Roads Harbor. (Proposal Declined)
  11. Assisted CCA Members in the management of the Virginia Salt Water Recreation Fund at VMRC.
  12. Graduate the School of Edwin Joseph. The man taught people to NEVER quit and to do so against all odds!

David currently resides in the Annapolis Maryland area where he enjoys boating and fishing with his 7 year old son and first lady. You can usually find Dave on the water in his 270 Sea Ray, or the Planetboats.com logo’d skiff around the Severn River or Downtown Annapolis. You might also get to meet “Teddy” his Golden Retriever who generally rides along.